Opportunities for Sponsorship

In-line with our aims, we present multiple opportunities for collaboration.

CWDHA 2020 Event Partners

An event partner can contribute in different ways to the success of the event. This is an opportunity for funding agencies, development partners and industry leaders to take a lead role in realizing scalable digital "Connected Health" solutions.

Theme Sponsors 

Theme sponsors will be able to choose a theme of their choice and gain an opportunity to make connections with innovators of their theme. A theme sponsorship is ideal for industry participants and agencies with a specific product or service interest. This will also be an ideal opportunity for the industry or development partners who seek breakthrough innovations in digital health to resolve a particular health related challenge.

Marketplace Sponsor

Health Marketplace is where the shortlisted applicants display their innovations on the day of the event and where online judging takes place. The Marketplace Sponsor shall therefore gain exclusive rights to showcase their own brands at the event and network with distinguish invitees to the marketplace.

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